Martin Homann - Geologist Martin studied Geology at the University of Potsdam/Germany where he discovered his passion for the integration of field data (outcrops, rock slabs, thin sections) into 3D geological and facies models with Petrel. First DGPS and object-based modeling projects of Miocene carbonates (Sardinia) and Middle Jurassic bioconstructions (Morocco) were presented during meetings of the ExxonMobil (FC)² Alliance in the UK and Houston. In 2012 he started his PhD at the Freie Universität Berlin, where he studied the stratigraphic and depositional facies of Earths oldest and best-preserved siliciclastic sequence (South Africa).
Philipp Wolpert – Geologist & Petrophysisist Philipp studied Geology at the University of Tübingen/Germany with focus on Sedimentology. His diploma thesis (2010) about the Lower Cretaceous Sulaiy Formation in Saudi Arabia involved outcrop work, facies analysis, sequence stratigraphy and 3D modeling. In April 2011 he joined Fronterra Integrated Geosciences in Aberdeen/Scotland where he worked intensively with borehole images and well logs on conventional and unconventional reservoir studies.
Livio de Pieri – BHI SpecialistLivio studied Geology at the University of Geology in Milan/Italy and has a long experience in the petroleum industry. He is a technical expert in Petrophysic, BHI, carbonatic and clastic rocks, specialized in rock mechanics and fractured reservoirs. Able to correlate geological interpretation with seismic and production data. Reservoir characterization specialist using petrophysical and geological data. Possesses good organizational and interpersonal skills. Specialties: petrophysics & BHI.
Dr. Holger Forke - Stratigrapher Holger studied Geology/Palaeontology at Erlangen University and got educated by Prof. Dr. Erik Flügel. He participated in various expeditions and mapping campaigns to Svalbard and the Canadian Arctic. Currently he works as biostratigraphic geosteering expert for Saudi Aramco. Furthermore he worked as biostratigraphic consultant for many academic and industry- related projects of the Khuff- and Arab Formation (Oman, Saudi Arabia).

Hon.-Prof.Dr. Michael Pöppelreiter -Advisor Michael studied at the Mining University Freiberg/Germany, the Postgraduate Research Institue of Sedimentology/UK and the University of Tuebingen/Germany, where he earned a PhD in 1998. Since than Michael has worked as Sedimentologist/3-D Modeler with Shell/Netherlands, as Carbonate Geologist/3-D Modeler at Shell's Bellaire Technology Center in Houston/Texas and as Senior Carbonate Geologist in the Qatar Shell Research and Technology Center. He has published numerours papers on carbonate reservoir modeling and borehole image log technology.



Dr.Jens Hornung-Advisor  Jens Hornung focusses on reservoir characterisation and reservoir architecture at all scales. He quantifies petrophysical properties and drives outcrop analogue studies also with unconventional geophysical techniques to develop predictive models. Also, he holds patents for devices to automatically determine permeability and other data on cores and slabs. He gained his Diploma in 1994 and PhD in 1998 at the University of Tübingen, Germany (Mentor Prof. Dr. Thomas Aigner). Since 2001 he is assistant professor and head of the petrophysical lab at University of Technology in Darmstadt (Germany). Since 2009 he additionally holds a guest professorship at Jilin University, Changchun, China.